Monday, 26 November 2012

Time to stop and think

I am pleased that the Prime Minister came back from Brussels without agreeing a new budget at last weeks summit.  Having no agreement is much better than having an agreement which we can't afford.   These are negotiations for the next seven years of spending.   Earlier this month MEPs from the European Conservative and Reformist group met the Prime Minister in Downing Street.  He made it clear that he wanted some fundamental changes in the EU budget and is not going to be rushed into a decision.

We also had the chance for a good discussion with the Home Secretary.   MPs and Lords are soon going to get a vote on whether the UK should opt out of 130 different EU measures on crime and justice.   I think we must take this opt out, as to stay in hands too much control of our courts over to Europe.  However we are then going to need to negotiate back into measures which help us for example on sharing of information regarding criminals.  As ever these decisions look simple in theory but when so many countries are involved they are always complicated !