Tuesday, 24 May 2011

A new hand on the deck

Question: What happened today?

Breakfast hosted seminar on "crisis resolution in financial services"; i.e. how to prevent bank bail outs.
Lunch spoke at seminar on responsible lending in mortgages (learnt lots but didn't get lunch)
Dinner spoke at seminar on research funding for science and innovation.

Also joined seminar on Energy with National MPs (discussed blocks to long term investment), quizzed EU Commissioner Barnier on bank stress tests (please not a repeat of last year's farce), met Andrew Mitchell MP on whether EU development aid well spent, bilateral meetings with 3 other MEP groups re Economic Governance (eurozone crisis). Voted in committee on derivatives legislation and deposit guarantees.

Today David Campbell Bannerman MEP switched from UKIP to Conservatives. We do need all hands on deck to help get the UK voice across in Europe.... provided they also work hard!

p.s. the photo is the hydrogen fuelled black cab prototype that I drove at Lotus in Norfolk a few weeks ago. They are hoping to secure grants to have a fleet of 13 similar cabs transporting sporting stars at the 2012 Olympics. Great Norfolk engineering with international partners on a global stage.

Friday, 6 May 2011

feels good

I will always remember my school biology teacher concluding a lesson on the facts of life with a plea to the girls to "JUST SAY NO". It appears that the majority of the country agree with her.